Absinthe Frappé

#35 Absinthe Frappé: A True Crime-Causing Cocktail?

April 24, 2020

We’re back at it again, this time exploring the first recipe in The Essential Cocktail Book – the Absinthe Frappé. This beverage first appeared in Cayetano Ferrer’s Old Absinthe House bar in New Orleans in 1874, and was accused of being the cause of a young woman’s death in 1900 (Spoiler Alert: she was actually murdered).

Absinthe Frappé Recipe:




Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake until chilled. Pour into a rocks or Collins glass over crushed or pebble ice. Top with additional ice.

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Music: Two renditions of Absinthe Frappé from It Happened in Nordland, conducted by William Daly and sung Bill Murray respectively. Find the lyrics below:

When life seems grey and dark the dawn, and you are through,
There is, they say, on such a morn, one thing to do:
Rise up and ring, a bell-boy call to you straight-way,
And bid him bring a cold and tall absinthe frappé!

It will free you first from the burning thirst
That is born of a night of the bowl,
Like a sun ’twill rise through the inky skies
That so heavily hang o’er your soul.
At the first cool sip on your fevered lip
You determine to live through the day,
Life’s again worthwhile as with a dawning smile
You imbibe your absinthe frappé!

L’Absinthe by Edgar Degas, 1876